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Viewing Lyrics for The Gates Of Eden:

Artist:Bob Dylan
Track:The Gates Of Eden
Date Added:18/10/2007
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(Music by Bob Dylan, Words by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy)
1975, 1976 Ram's Horn Music

Up on the white veranda
She wears a necktie and a Panama hat.
Her passport shows a face
From another time and place
She looks nothin' like that.
And all the remnants of her recent past
Are scattered in the wild wind.
She walks across the marble floor
Where a voice from the gambling room is callin' her to come on in.
She smiles, walks the other way
As the last ship sails and the moon fades away
From Black Diamond Bay.

As the mornin' light breaks open, the Greek comes down
And he asks for a rope and a pen that will write.
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