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Track:Treasures Of Anatomy
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Lyrics:Dealing with Anatomy!
satisfy my morbid Greed
Everything inside the corpse
my pleasure and my joy
Stealing fragments from the dead
Extirpated limbs from hell
Clandestine economy
Cadavers is all we need

Treasures of Anatomy
Business of disgust
My sick occupation
fulfill my necrophiliac lust
Macabre orders
conserved in formaldehyde
Dealing with organs
So it's how I get my life

Abucting and crippling
Bodies are torn to pieces
Ablating to ripping
my job is fucking stinky

The Black Market of the human flesh
Getting money from the occult trade
Body-recycling industry
Morbid Treasures of Anatomy

Defiling my victims
My Autopsies are dirty
Market of Morbidity
Pathology is so exciting
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